There is a distance

Between me and the one I love

My heart has no resistance

It has found a home so good

I traveled the road

That led me to your life

A heavy load

I was took up with strife

You became my sanctuary

In a world full of trouble

And thankfully

My woes did not double

Renewed by your words of care

Shown with a voice of affection

Please always be there

And appear in my reflection

The day in our future lies ahead

A caress away from a lifetime’s care

As sometimes it is said

Friendship to love we can share

Fate will bring us to meet

And on that great event

Two friends with love will greet

And cupid’s arrow to his target sent

Aimed directly at our hearts

Will strike the center of our souls

And never again we’ll ┬ápart

Life’s angels will become two love sick fools

Because angels with wings can fly

And find the light inside a home

Where hearts rest and abide

And souls no longer need to roam!


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