Technology can do anything More service to crooks it can bring A laptop can record your words Without you knowing it’s occurred If you have neighbours from hell And they know you very well Then as quietly as a mouse They can break into your house And hack into your mobile phone Although you think […]


  “Pull yourself together!”  Too many things to pull Left right and centre I want to pull it apart To make it stop The beginning and the end I will never see My microcosm of a life will pull until death All that will stop is my existence So many things to regret Not to […]


  ‘ticipation! anxiety to find out if the one you love loves you in return? ‘ticipation! does he? does he not? no daisy to pluck no petals to fleece ‘ticipation this feeling lingers what if he is cold? ‘ticipation! his cold heart could not extinguish This flame of desire ‘ticipation! soon to know a fate […]


  Mick my Godsend therapist When my mind is in a twist Sorts it out and keeps me sober His kind words tide me over It doesn’t matter about his charge Coz I can say that by and large He helps me clear my feelings With no forceful dealings Advice he is good about And […]


The day starts early Earlier than most In Bedlam Probably with a yawn From a night staff Then a door slamming shut In Bedlam Then slowly the people The mad people Come onto the ward In Bedlam And the first rays Of insanity show through The windows of the minds Of sane people Embroiled on […]

Sore Feet

CHIROPODY! For heaven’s sake CHIROPODY! Give my feet a break CHIROPODY! Sit me in your chair CHIROPODY! Do your worst I don’t care CHIROPODY! Girl cut my nails CHIROPODY! Tired feet is what ails CHIROPODY! File my heals CHIROPODY! Hard skin that peals CHIROPODY! Make my feet a delight CHIROPODY! And a beautiful sight CHIROPODY! […]