Little bird attacked by the Cat 

Lying shocked to the core

Little bird who knows of flight

Please fly away from death once more


As I sit and watch you die

I too will leave Mother Earth

And reach towards the stars

Far from the place of my birth


Little bird are you an omen to my heart?

Earth too is losing her wings?

Will she lose her fight for life?

And no longer sing?


Blue Blue Planet on which we live

Little bird please tell me it’s not true

Is she too dying?

Like your wings so blue


I pray

Little bird live on and fly

Comfort me so I will know

Live on and flutter your wings by


Little bird if you die

What will be our fate?

Will Human kind be no more?

Will we close that garden gate?


Little blue tit will you die?

Like the trees flowers and lakes?

Or will we wake up and see

And do whatever it takes?


I peak in on you to find

Little Blue Tit you are gone

 Mother Earth is dying

Will Human Kind live on?


I looked and you were there

One last time you gazed upon me

Sadness overwhelms 

You lay down your head so tenderly.


Jesus you came long ago

And Your word was heard 

Almighty God of the Universe

Please come back save our Earth!










Solitary seagull on floodlight high

I see you as I look up to the sky

Solitary seagull when you come to land

Please take this bread from my hand

I walk the path of life alone

Solitary seagull do you have a home?

Come warm yourself by my fire

Your mood might lift higher

Your pen I have read so amazing

Seems the world should be gazing

On your poems so eloquently thought

Happiness to my soul they have brought

Go away and keep out of my sight

You said and I think somethings not right?

For one whose tender letters

Really have no betters

Lonely seagull on floodlight high

I am so left asking just why?

Is it because as everyone knows

Seagulls really can’t write poems?










Mad in America Theme

Dancing on a moonbeam

When captured outside at night

Howling a furry sight

In woods rustled with leaves

Two mates did conceive

Pups of mini thieves

Who stole away people’s minds

And worked madly kind

Shining down they did find

A deep mental mine

Where puppy wolves could dig

Sanity sugar big

Then boarding a golden rig

Madly panning in a brook

For insane nuggets understood

That cured all wolves of furry kind

That had found they lost their minds

Back to sunshine and the dawn

Dreams a sleepy yawn

To daybreak chorus sweet

Where night and day meet

Fixed in a transition under the stars

Sleeping in an aqua barge

Floated down the river of reality

Wheels turning down Mississippi

Embankments of filigree

Rich in sanity

From the wisest tree

Happiness for eternity.




The Mad Woman’s Sundial



The sun shone on my sundial

The shadow reached twelve

Born loved and poor

I laughed and cried

The sun shone on my sundial

The shadow reached three

Branded through trauma

I laughed and cried

The sun shone on my sundial

The shadow reached six

True love gave me a child

I laughed and cried

The sun shone on my sundial

The shadow reached nine

Hospital prison days merging with warm sunsets

I laughed and cried

The moon shone on my sundial

The shadow reached twelve

Freedom’s nectar is tasted

I laughed and cried

The stars shine on my sundial

All shadows are gone

A trilling blue bird on the wing

Singing I fly and my life has begun!
































Kith of my soul

Matriarch of my bones

You tended a heart

Born from your womb

A balm for a volcanic mind

You kept me free from medicine men

Where your riches were few

You found treasures in your children

And if I were to live

Until my hundredth year or more

A lifetime’s passage to be born again

In my sixtieth year

I will dance the waltz of a dizzy spin

In thanks to you

For a love I have lived

And found deep in my heart

You tended so well!

The story of the book of my life

It’s chapters you embrace

Mother the great soul giver!














I awoke sane this morning they tell me

Gliding down the gaping stairs

I jump each one further apart

But this morning is easier

As I land on each step

And falling through is just a mirage

Because I woke up sane this morning

They tell me!




What’s  in a smile?

Makes you stop awhile

Tiny jewels of emotion

Can cause heart commotion

Every mother is proud

Baby’s smiling she cries out loud

And when you smile you know it’s right

To stop a while your plight

A smile is a little glow

That brightens the world somehow

But the bravest gesture of all

Is when you stand the most tall

And when sad and wondering why

You smile with a tear in your eye!


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