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The dust is settling on me

Even before I am dead

The dust is settling on me

Will my life story be read?

The dust is settling on me

I have time to grieve

The dust is settling on me

It is falling through a sieve

The dust is settling on me

It blots out the light

The dust is settling on me

I am still with fright

The dust is settling on me

Hands open a window

The dust is settling on me

Sunlight is breaking yonder


The breeze stirs up and I flee

My steps are sure and free

I fly high above forests mountains and oceans

And what do I find

There is no dust on me!











When the sky is your roof

And the ground is your bed

There are no walls around

No front door to have

I am a person displaced

Where is my human race?

When Winter is a cruel chill

No sleep during the endless night

Walking and walking that lonesome walk

Dreams you have to search no more

I am a person displaced

Where is my human race?

The number on your door is number death

You are young enough to strive to live

Addiction bears down your days

The pain never goes away

I am a person displaced

Where is my human race?

Feelings are there in a reality home

You should not exist if be told

Has every being a right to live?

Inside a heart a family gives

Where is my life in this age of plenty

Should I give up like so many?

I am a person displaced

Where is my human race?

This heart is lost in time

It has a home without a key

Hidden away my extinguished light

Possessions adrift and out of sight

Tears all dried up with nowhere to go

My blood is warm

My heart is exposed

Two eyes Two arms Two feet

Humans are hard to tell apart

I am a person displaced

Where is my human race?

Will nobody ever hear my cry

Where out of the mist and fog

I am seen and alive

And hands pull me up

Bring me to the light of a cozy room

With a fire to heat my cold soul

And love embrace this body of mine

And once again I am HOME!

I am a person displaced

Where is my human race?





Tears all dried up with nowhere to go





This Child, This Man


close-up portrait of a beautiful sleeping baby on white

close-up portrait of a beautiful sleeping baby on white


I named you Son

I loved you from your tiny little egg

From inside me you came out of the blue

Into the morning light on a Winter’s Monday morning

In a life where joy had been forever underground

In a mindset cavern

Then looking into those newborn eyes

Love was branded onto my heart

And raise you I did

In this town by the river

Probably in flood

Other swans accustomed to the swim

Protection was my racket

To keep you close

Because you needed to be kept close

You and I walk along a single tight rope

No safety net underfoot

Balancing life on a fine line

He is known to be kind

This my son

Sometimes treated unkind

He is patient

When teaching patience

His anger is tied in cotton wool

Any hermit would envy his solitude

And ask me how I love this Son

No words have yet been written to tell you

From that little egg

The child is a man

And like the essence of a good meal

This aroma of love

Shall remain the spirit of life











Merging balls of flashing fur

Biting soft with back legs butting fast

Tussling into meows

Then flashing across the floor

Speeding paws and striking tabby stripes

Innocence in a wide eyed face

Of button noses and pink mouths

Claws attacking docile feet

Scratched into playful submission

Purring into a suckle on a fluffy dressing gown

Love is a bundle of heavenly kitten fun!



That day I remember so very well

Dad told me no longer on Earth you did dwell

The cry in my heart that leaped out

Knowing you were gone without a doubt

“No No!” I cried out loud

Your life was worth more than your shroud

The thought of how you died

Broke us and so many tears we have cried

One thing I always knew for sure

The memory of a loving brother would remain pure

I devote my life to all that you were

And your legacy and essence will remain living to remember!


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Voodoo child

Casting spells on the spirit overwhelmed

Consider me this as I cry human

Locked in with justice that has never been

Mad am I to the beholder

As I walk through the maze of my life

Essence of a light eternally existing

Freedom is my game as a beam of sunlight

Melts away the bars

My footsteps fall on the flotsam of the deeply endured

A heart romanced and in love with 

The self crimson soul!

The Mournes


I shall not go to heaven when I die

I think I’ll take a road I used to know

That goes by Slieve-na-Garagh and the sea

And all day breasting me the wind shall blow

And I’ll hear nothing but the Peewit’s cry

And the sea talking in the caves below

I think it will be Winter when I die

For no one from the North would die in Spring

And all the heather will be dead and grey

And the bog-cotton will have blown away

And there will be no yellow on the wind

But I shall smell the peat

And when it’s almost dark I shall set my feet

Where a wild track goes glimmering to the hills

And see far up a light

Would you think heaven could be so small a thing

As a lit window on the hills at night?

And come in stumbling from the gloom

Half blind into a fire lit room

Turn and see you and there abide

If it were true

And I thought they would let me be

I almost wish it were

Tonight I died!

(Written by Helen Waddell)



A snowball of fur

Bouncing around my garden

Chasing butterflies

With paws dancing

Arched back playfully twisting

A pounce on a mouse

Whiskers twitching

Exotic eyes trouncing sunbeams

Ears perched forward on an intent head

Demanding to share my plate

Ever fussy eater

Always ready for a feed

Are you playing now the sweetheart that was you?

Is Heaven’s door your cat flap?

All that remains is a single tuft of fur

Warm snoozes on my lap

Empty now and cold

Please be running after rainbows

Always the sweetest of strokes

And nose to nose we would kiss

Love always the purring

Like mother and child

The memory of a kitten ball of string

Delight of a little feline creature

That brought endless pleasure

To a lonely lonely life!

The Real Love


The real love is black and white

It is there through the dark days and the sunshine

You don’t think twice

It is a heart given

Stirring in rainbows

There in thundery clouds

Bespoke in laughter’s charms

Ever a therapeutic and loving guide

You just know

And it can never be erased

Real love doesn’t even have to be mutual

It exists in an instant drop of blood

Running through a heart ventricle

As red as a rose

Handed over to the one

Real love is alive

And is immortal

It can’t be buried or drowned

It is a worldly given

And it’s wheels never cease

They drive no hard bargain

Real love is free

Given like gold dust in a sieve

It shines in sunlight and moon beams

For that certain one

Whether accepting or not

Is the only one who deserves it!



Once my heart sang a song

A beautiful tune of loves delight

Meeting in the queerest place

Two white doves cooed

The marriage arrived through a gold star gate

And carried us off for a lifetime

We traveled along

And we pushed the sunbeam

And sheltered from the rain

So the words were written

And he died

And broken battered and torn

The widow remained

in his graveside memories

And  one comfort in life

Our son to soak up the pain

And in his face is shown

A union to live on and on!

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